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Nikol Kollars

as Jacenta


Nikol Kollars is an American actress, writer and producer based in Spain. She is known for her roles in the British Netflix series Paranoid, Spanish television series La Fuga, the astronaut in Novo Amor’s video “If We’re Being Honest” and has performed in international productions for Netflix, HBO and Apple TV. The stage production of the award winning play God of Carnage by Jasmina Reza in which Nikol plays Veronica Novak, opposite Emmy winning actress Alex Borstein (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) is currently on standby due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Nikol is a graduate of the Meisner Technique Program in Spain, directed by Javier Galitó-Cava (Neighborhood Playhouse, NY). Through this program, Nikol received Master classes from Rachel Adler (Waterfront Playhouse, CA) and continues to train with improvisation and stage combat specialists.

Her performance as a sabotaged Army general hunted by her own troops in the short action indie film You are a Terrorist won her the award for Best Actress in a Short Film at the International Film Festival in Pilas, Spain in 2013. Nikol worked with Robert Deniro in Red Lights, played the head of a bioengineering company in the sci-fi film Realive written and directed by Mateo Gil (The Sea Inside) and will play Circe, the witch of all witches, in the upcoming film Hexengeddon.

An athlete since childhood, Nikol has performed in action films doing most of her stunts with varied training in martial arts and boxing. She is also an accomplished singer who has travelled the world performing for an impressive list of people such as Oprah Winfrey and King Felipe IV and Queen Letizia of Spain. Nikol’s original “cinematic soul” project for which she sings, writes songs and produces the music videos is called Tesla Nix. Apart from English, Nikol speaks Spanish, Catalán, and basic level French. She is also studying the Russian language but claims it as a hobby until further notice.

Nikol has a 12 year old son whom she named Koa; honoring her Hawaiian heritage. She also has Chinese, German, Irish and English ancestry. She has a fascination with octopus, is developing her own marine conservation initiative, and is a closet stand up comedian.

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She is in the Foundation cast list (2021) as Jacenta and is present in 4 episodes.

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