Cast list | Season 1 | Foundation TV Show / Series | Apple TV+ Isaac Asimov


  • Cassian Bilton

    Cassian Bilton

    as Brother Dawn

    10 episode(s)

  • Daniel MacPherson

    Daniel MacPherson

    as Hugo

    10 episode(s)

  • Jared Harris

    Jared Harris

    as Hari Seldon

    10 episode(s)

  • Kubbra Sait

    Kubbra Sait

    as Phara

    10 episode(s)

  • Laura Birn

    Laura Birn

    as Eto Demerzel

    10 episode(s)

  • Leah Harvey

    Leah Harvey

    as Salvor Hardin

    10 episode(s)

  • Lee Pace

    Lee Pace

    as Brother Day

    10 episode(s)

  • Lou Llobell

    Lou Llobell

    as Gaal Dornick

    10 episode(s)

  • Pravessh Rana

    Pravessh Rana

    as Rowan

    10 episode(s)

  • T'Nia Miller

    T'Nia Miller

    as Halima

    10 episode(s)

  • Terrence Mann

    Terrence Mann

    as Brother Dusk

    10 episode(s)

  • Clarke Peters

    Clarke Peters

    as Unknown

    7 episode(s)

  • Nikhil Parmar

    Nikhil Parmar

    as Freestone

    7 episode(s)

  • Amy Tyger

    Amy Tyger

    as Azura

    5 episode(s)

  • Buddy Skelton

    Buddy Skelton

    as Keir

    5 episode(s)

  • Mido Hamada

    Mido Hamada

    as Master Shadow Obrecht

    5 episode(s)

  • Alicia Gerrard

    Alicia Gerrard

    as Yate

    4 episode(s)

  • Isaiah Joshua Chambers

    Isaiah Joshua Chambers

    as Mystery Boy

    4 episode(s)

  • Johanna O'Brien

    Johanna O'Brien

    as Shivaughn

    4 episode(s)

  • Nikol Kollars

    Nikol Kollars

    as Jacenta

    4 episode(s)

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