Filming for Foundation Season 1 on Apple TV+ is now finished in Malta

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Filming for Foundation season 1 on Apple TV+ is now finished in Malta

According to a press release from published on February 17, 2021 we learn that the filming of the first season of the Foundation series has now been completed to normally start in autumn 2021 on Apple TV+ (estimated launch period).

There is still no official release date.

The article tells us that the production spent more than 10 million euros on the island. Among other things, it employed over 400 crew members and 800 extras over a period of 4 months in total. The company Latina Pictures was in charge of the local filming for the TV Show. The production company used many different locations in Malta to shoot the scenes and in particular the famous war tanks on the island.

Despite the difficulties due to the Covid-19, Malta remains a very attractive filming location for a lot of productions and in particular since the reopening of its airport last year. In 2020, Malta hosted 11 different productions which spent a total of 32 million euros according to The Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection, Clayton Bartolo.

If we calculate this global amount of 32 millions with the 10 millions euros spent by Apple TV + : that makes Foundation one of the biggest productions on the Island and in Europa in general !


Important things to remember

- Filming in Malta is now over

- The estimated release period is Autumn 2021

- It could have 80 episodes in the future (see article)

- Another filming location is on the Canary Islands (see article)

Important things to remember about Foundation Apple TV+

Foundation trailer

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