How Foundation characters look like for Fan Art

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Have you ever imagined what the different characters in Isaac Asimov's Foundation books might look like ? Thanks to Apple TV+ we will soon be able to put a face to a name for most of the characters. However we have decided to highlight the vision of the artists who have already illustrated them with talent.

So we have listed in alphabetical order the illustrations of different artists around the world.

Please note before viewing the article :

- If you haven't read the books, the article may contain spoilers about the characters if you don't want to know their name in advance.

- For some characters there are of course several different existing illustrations. We decided to choose only one per character. Prioritizing lesser-known illustrations to showcase lesser-known artists.

- If characters in the books are not listed it is because we haven't found an artist who illustrated it. Please feel free to give us a link in the comments section if you find an illustration that is not present in the article. If you want to see all the characters from the books check the full list here.


1. Arkady Darell (artist : Michael Whelan)

Note : Michael Whelan is a famous illustrator artist specializing in science fiction and fantasy cover art. Of course we don't consider him as a "fan artist" despite the title of our article which concerns the rest of the artworks presented.


3. Bail Channis (artist : raccoonncat)

4. Bayta Darell (artist : didyousaysciencefiction)

5. Bel Riose (artist : Dasha KO )

6. Bliss (artist : ladyneron)


7. R. Daneel Olivaw (artist : Shade-of-Stars)

8. Dors Venabili (unknown artist - source)

9. Ducem Barr (artist : elliejayliquid)


7. Eto Demerzel (artist : Krivitskaya Anastasia)


10. Gaal Dornick (source :

11. Golan Trevize (artist : didyousaysciencefiction)


Han Pritcher (artist : raccoonncat)

Hari Seldon (artist : Floriane Tiam)

Harla Branno (artist : DarthCrotalus)

Hober Mallow (artist : didyousaysciencefiction)


Janov Pelorat (artist : Arigonartworks)


King Lepold I (artist : Luca Monteleone)


Lady Callia (artist : raccoonncat)

Lathan Devers (unknown artist - source)


The Mule (artist : regans-alpha)

Munn Li Compor (artist : Aresielle)


Preem Palver (artist : raccoonncat)


Raych Seldon (artist : P-JoArt)


Salvor Hardin (artist : didyousaysciencefiction)

Stor Gendibal and Sura Novi (artist : jmsnooks)


Toran Darell (artist : raccoonncat)


Wanda Seldon (artist : P-JoArt)

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