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Any new information ancient part of the brain perceives as a potential threat.

Our brain is unique. It is able to execute 1016 operations per second. No computer is capable of such a volume of work. In this case, the human brain is an extremely unreliable device

We rarely see the world as it is, as each person misses everything through an internal experience.

Our memories are subjective.

Our opinions are changeable.

Our perception and processing of information are subject to multiple interference.

In the modern world won just those who think flexible

Error in our perception is called cognitive distortions. This concept was introduced by the Nobel laureate of Daniel Caneman and his colleague Amos Tver. They came to the conclusion that even where, there would seem, a person is guided by reasonable arguments (for example, the concept of benefits), in fact he takes ... an irrational decision.

These very cunning thinking traps can cause

- incorrect assumptions

- incorrect conclusions

- Unwanted consequences.

There is a very long list of such traps (more than a hundred), but I will stop at those that I got the strongest.

1. Next to confirm your point of view, bias confirmation - when a person prefers such information that is consistent with its point of view, belief or hypothesis. Roughly speaking, walks along the protrotated neural tracks. Neither step to the right. Neither step left.

The easiest example: "A woman cannot be a good driver." Can't everyone here. Moreover, there is a mass of arguments. And about blondes behind the wheel. And about the fact that "women are worse than the left hemisphere, so they are not prone to mathematics" (and do not care about the studies of neurobologists that prove the opposite).

Or from the current one. Every day I hear the convincing chains of arguments as "for" vaccination and "against". In both cases, it is impossible to persuade in both cases. I am not trying - bias confirmation.

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