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  • Foundation | Season 1 - Episode 5 | Apple TV+

    S1 - EPISODE 5 Upon Awakening Get all site news Opening intro 3.0 150 Opinion(s) Synopsis A flashback reveals the origins of Gaal's conflict between faith and science. The standoff on Terminus takes an unfortunate turn. Writers Isaac Asimov (based on the novels by) David S. Goyer (created by) Josh Friedman (created by) Leigh Dana Jackson (written for television by) Director(s) Alex Graves Airdate October 15, 2021 Characters appearance

  • Foundation Season 1 | Episodes list | Apple TV+

    Season 1 Get all site news Trailer 3.0 150 Opinion(s) Synopsis Based on the award-winning novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire. Main TV network Apple TV+ Showrunner David S. Goyer First - last aired September 24, 2021 - November 19, 2021 Episodes list Episode 1 The Emperor's Peace (September 24, 2021) Episode 2 Preparing to Live (September 24, 2021) Episode 3 The Mathematician's Ghost (October 1, 2021) Episode 4 Barbarians at the Gate (October 8, 2021) Episode 5 Upon Awakening (October 15, 2021) Episode 6 Death and the Maiden (October 22, 2021) Episode 7 Mysteries and Martyrs (October 29, 2021) Episode 8 The Missing Piece (November 5, 2021) Episode 9 The First Crisis (November 12, 2021) Episode 10 The Leap (November 19, 2021) Top characters

  • Foundation | Season 1 - Episode 4 | Apple TV+

    S1 - EPISODE 4 Barbarians at the Gate Get all site news Opening intro 3.0 150 Opinion(s) Synopsis Salvor faces off with an enemy of the Empire. Brothers Day and Dusk are at odds, while Brother Dawn wrestles with his truth. Writers Isaac Asimov (based on the novels by) David S. Goyer (created by) Josh Friedman (created by) Lauren Bello (written for television by) Director(s) Alex Graves Airdate October 8, 2021 Characters appearance

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  • TV Show is out | What's the future of ?

    Hi everyone, Foundation finally started with 2 awesome episodes that each person will have appreciated differently. WATCH FOUNDATION ON APPLE TV+ In any case, the enthusiasm was strong for the start of the series. Look what you have been doing to the site since yesterday ! I take this opportunity to announce what will be planned for the next few months and the direction the site will take. Of course, don't hesitate to propose suggestions in the comments and even to contribute to this adventure here. First of all I would like to say thank you When I launched this site in October 2020, I didn't think it was going to grow as big as it has today. At the time of writing this article we have reached : +1200 followers on Facebook +560 followers on Instagram +160 followers on Twitter (ok this one not really impressive ^^) +100 members on the fan community mobile app launched a few days ago So thank you for being part of this community which I hope will grow more and more over time. Remember that you will largely decide the future of through your participation. In 2021, the good old fan sites are in decline alongside the various social networks. I want to avoid this and offer a website where you will be immersed in the universe of Foundation. Of course while also finding useful information on the series and a community of committed fans. So what's the plan for the next few months ? The series has started and many new actors/actresses and characters need to be added to the website. As you can imagine, this is something that takes time when you are alone and I will do my best to make the updates as soon as possible. As for the characters, each will have their own description and photo gallery. This is what will take the longest time to set up. This is why any help is welcome so don't hesitate to provide a description for one or more characters. It is also possible to send screenshots to feed the photo gallery of a particular character. If you are an actor or actress it can also be very interesting to have a description of your character from your point of view. The contact email is : These are the main additions that will be made to the site in the coming months. What direction will the site take? Another important thing to communicate to you is the direction the website is going to take. It will now be focused on the community part and in particular the mobile application which is a social network entirely dedicated to the Foundation series. The blog will continue to be fed from time to time but it will only be a secondary part. Why ? At first, I planned to add the latest news, my opinion and my theories, but I decided to put this project on hold for 2 reasons : 1. The latest news, opinions and theories can be fed in real time by the fan community itself via the forum and the mobile app. If we take the aspect of the latest news, it is impossible for me next to Twitter to offer the latest news in real time on the site unless I am on the site 24 hours a day. :) 2. Time has always been my worst enemy. So I had to make a choice on the parts on which I wanted to concentrate (at the beginning of the article). However, the blog can be fed in a collaborative way. So if you like to write, don't hesitate to submit an interesting article about Foundation and it will directly gain visibility with a large audience. You will of course be mentioned as the author. The contact email is : But never forget that the choices I made now for the site will have little influence on what will become of in a few years. It will always be the community that will make the future of this website ! It is the very foundation of everything and I thank you for being a part of it. Sincerly yours, Kevin dang

  • Foundation Official Trailer 2021 | New Game of Thrones ?

    On August 19, 2021 Apple TV unveiled the impressive and epic official trailer for the Foundation series. This series which is one of the most anticipated of the year 2021 could well become the next Game of Thrones ! We let you check out this trailer and say what you think about it in the comment section. Don't forget that the official launch date will be : September 24, 2021 Foundation Official Trailer | August, 2021 Check out 229 screenshots from the trailer on this page : Trailer breakdown with David S. Goyer You can also discover the trailer breakdown with Showrunner David S. Goyer for IGN. Other articles related to the trailer The Verge Apple’s new Foundation trailer has some serious ‘Game of Thrones but in space’ energy Variety ‘Foundation’ Trailer Reveals How Apple Will Turn Isaac Asimov’s Book Series Into a TV Show (TV News Roundup)

  • Foundation new teaser scene-by-scene breakdown

    On June 28, 2021, Apple TV released a new Foundation teaser, one of the most anticipated series of 2021. We also know that the official release date is set for September 24, 2021. This series is eagerly awaited but also many fans of Isaac Asimov are apprehensive about the result. This new teaser has been talked about a lot in recent days. It reinforces the fears of some people while others are amazed by this new teaser which makes Dune's one less impressive (according to some tweets I have read). If I had to sum up this teaser in a single sentence : "Epic battles in space and on the ground like Star Wars, political and power conflicts like Game Of Thrones". In this article, I will therefore detail the scenes of this teaser according to my own eyes and feelings. You can of course react by commenting if you want to share your opinion on the teaser. If you like to write, don't forget that places are open as a volunteer writer to contribute interesting content about Foundation here : If you haven't read the books yet, the article may contain possible spoilers. Although I try to avoid them as much as possible and keep it as general as possible. So I recommend you to read the books before continuing to read this article. Foundation official new teaser Text scenes Resume of whait is said Hari Seldon : You can't save yourselves. Hari Seldon : But you can save your legacy. ♪♪ ♪♪ (Walking) (Water drips) Eto Demerzel : You can't be here. You know that. Brother Dusk : I can't be the first one who wanted to see my youngest self. (Plinked) ♪♪ Brother Dusk : Strange. Brother Dusk : Watching yourself being born. ♪♪ Brother Day : Our genetic dynasty has reigned for almost four-centuries. ♪♪ Brother Day : The might of the Imperium (Explosions) Brother Day : has brought peace to thousands of worlds. ♪♪ Brother Day : But the beliefs of one man. ♪♪ Brother Day : Now threaten the empire's very existence. ♪♪ Hari Seldon : I'm not a revolutionary. ♪♪ Gaal Dornick : His calculations are correct. The Empire is dying. Hari Seldon : Order will vanish. Wars will be endless. Gaal Dornick : Only we can shorten the darkness. ♪♪ Brother Day : The man has amassed a following. Brother Day : People who hinge their hopes on every word Seldon utters. ♪♪ Brother Day : Words have a way of fanning into wildfires. ♪♪ Hari Seldon : You can't save yourselves. ♪♪ Hari Seldon : But you can your legacy. ♪♪ What's in the books? 1. "You can't save yourselves. But you can save your legacy." These sentences takes up part of the work of Hari Seldon (portrayed by Jared Harris) who has worked all his life on the Psychohistory and to preserve the knowledge of humanity. In particular with the first foundation and the encyclopedists who can be discovered in the book from the first book of the trilogy "Foundation (1951)". So we can guess that Legacy means Humanity knowledge. 2. "You can't be here. You know that." This (fortunately) does not change the "Prelude to Foundation (1988)" and "Forward the Foundation (1993)" books. Eto Demerzel always seems to be pulling the strings on the Emperor's side. 3. "The might of the Imperium has brought peace to thousands of worlds. But the beliefs of one man. Now threaten the empire's very existence. The man has amassed a following. People who hinge their hopes on every word Seldon utters. Words have a way of fanning into wildfires." As in the books the Emperor (portrayed by Lee Pace) is wary of Hari Seldon's speeches predicting the end of the Empire and a long era of chaos that will follow. Many people trust Hari Seldon's predictions which makes him dangerous in the eyes of the Emperor. 4. "(Hari Seldon) I'm not a revolutionary. (Gaal Dornick) His calculations are correct. The Empire is dying. (Hari Seldon) Order will vanish. Wars will be endless. (Gaal Dornick) Only we can shorten the darkness." Despite Hari Seldon's predictions being correct and confirmed by young Gaal Dornick, he has issues with Trantor's justice. In the photo above from the teaser, Hari Seldon appears to be in Trantor's courthouse like in the first book of the trilogy : "Foundation (1951)". What is not in the books ? 5. "(Brother Dusk) I can't be the first one who wanted to see my youngest self. (Brother Dusk) Strange. (Brother Dusk) Watching yourself being born. (Brother Day) Our genetic dynasty has reigned for almost four-centuries." A dynasty of emperor clones over a period of 400 years. It's a surprising element which is not present in the books and which is a very interesting scenario worked out by the production. Is this a nod to Star Wars and its clone room ? Either way, it got one of our Facebook page followers excited who wrote the following comment : "A genetic dinasty of clone emperors ! A great idea ! Given the dynasty's ongoing success and popular approval rate through the centuries, this would stave off power struggles and uprisings, bringing stability to the empire. But of course, this is also a major factor in psychohistorical formulas and calculations. Why didn't Asimov think of this before ?" Alex Altorfer. Don't hesitate to react in comment to this part of the teaser. I'm really interested to have your thoughts about it ! Others interesting scenes Awesome images of Trantor The great and mighty Trantor, the center of the Galaxy. 40 billion inhabitants. The teaser made us want to discover it in more detail with these few photos ! Epic battles in space and on the ground Yes, we all know that "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent". But admit that it's still badass to see Salvor Hardin with a weapon ! Even if some purists will fall from their chair ... BUT (theory) Maybe it's a production twist. In the teaser, they show us a Salvor Hardin totally different from the one we know in the book which is a controversial subject. When the series begins, they could simply show us the youth of Salvor Hardin before he became mayor and the event that taught him his famous quote : "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent". The battle scenes of the teaser are impressive and will probably give dynamism to the series. After all, Isaac Asimov never described the battle scenes in his books ... Clarke Peters as a Mysterious Character According to IMDb, we don't know the name of this character portrayed by Clarke Peters. We only know that he will be present in 7 episodes. Prime radiant ? Gaal Dornick portrayed by Lou Llobell appears to activate the Prime Radiant which projects equations to predict the future. Vision of chaos Difficult to define the context of these explosions and images of catastrophes. Predictions or real events in the present ? Maybe you will be more inspired than I on this subject ? In any case, these scenes are impressive. Alicia Gerrard as Yate Still too little information about this character. But we can at least see Alicia Gerrard for a brief moment in her role. We know a little bit more about 2 characters What a pleasure to finally see the talented Kubbra Sait as Phara and the talented Nikhil Parmar as Freestone ! Now we know that they seem close to Salvor Hardin portrayed by Leah Harvey. One more light ... (In tribute to Chester Bennington from Linkin Park) We end this article with a mysterious man with a beanie. The clothes he wears are intriguing because they seem to come from our time and are very different from those worn by the other characters in the series. I am therefore curious to know the context afterwards. The luminous symbol also questions its effects. According to the teaser, he doesn't enlighten people for their sake ... And you ? What are your thoughts about this new teaser ? Hope you enjoyed reading this article and don't hesitate to use the comment section to react about it ! You can also read the breakdown from the showrunner, David S. Goyer, here.

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  • panel discussion of first season

    panel discussion between Cora Buhlert, Joel McKinnon, and me about the first season of Foundation on Apple TV+

  • A thread for people who love the show.

    Many of the threads on the forum are by people who seem to not really like the show, and that is not fun for me to read. I’m a big fan of the books, and a bigger fan of the show. I love how the show expands on Eto Demerzel’s character, someone who was only in the prequel books. If Foundation were to be made into a series truly based on the books it would be more of an anthology, which wouldn’t allow for good character development. I think Goyer is doing great. It still feels like the Foundation novels, but it would have been boring without action scenes and so many characters without connections between them. What were your favorite changes that Goyer made? Did you like the ending to the first season? What are your predictions for season 2?

  • The Mule (Speculation/Spoiler)

    After watching the last episode (8), I fear that our wild authors will make Gal Dornick the Mule! The last interaction between Gal and Hari kind of ends with them falling out, Gal coming out as a sort of a 'mentalist' and then goes off the radar for 134 years. Does anyone agree? I mean, the TV authors are anyway taking the original story for a wild ride, so why not? I don't see where else Gal will fit after 134 years.

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